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What makes Golden Capital Group a better place to invest my funds?

The investor is buying a whole loan that has been closed and recorded.  All the loans currently offered have been funded from funds from our own LLC and then closed. We do our own due diligence on every loan so that we determine it is of such quality that if a loan is never sold, we are prepared to hold it in our own portfolio as a long term investment. Many of the loans currently offered are seasoned loans, meaning that payments have been received and there is a track record on the borrower. Many of our competitors are selling loans that are ready to fund, but are waiting on an investor to put up the funds so the loan can close. We feel that our method of funding the loan first with our own funds and then putting it up for sale to investors is a better system and makes for a safer and more attractive investment for our customers. At Golden Capital Group, we want our investor’s experience to be a positive one. Good word of mouth from our customers always leads to more business in the future. We take that responsibility very seriously.