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The Process:

Golden Capital Group, Inc. offers either Whole Loan Investments or Fractionalized Interest in trust deeds. As an Investor, you would be buying the trust deed outright or a partial (25%, 50%, 75%) interest. An Investor will not be buying into a pool of loans.  An Investor can diversify their portfolio by forming their own pool by buying several different trust deeds.  One thing that differentiates us from many of our competitors is that an Investor will be buying a loan that has already funded, closed and been recorded with the county recorder. Many of our competitors will have Investors put up the funds for a loan in process and cannot fund the loan without that investment. The advantage of buying a closed loan is that the Investor will be able to view the complete loan package as well as the recorded deed. Also, many of the loans listed for sale will be seasoned, meaning some initial monthly payments have been received. Once you have decided that investing in Golden Capital Group’s Trust deeds is the right course for you, we are ready to assist you with the process. We pride ourselves on our hands on customer service to our Investors.  Here is a simple outline of the typical process:

  1. Review the list of Trust deeds available and decide which ones will suit your investment needs.
  2. Request an investor package on the specific Trust Deed(s).  You would need to sign a copy of our Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (available in forms). Once it is signed we will send you the following: Loan summary, Borrower’s loan application, Credit report, Appraisal, Title Policy showing the recorded Trust Deed, Escrow instructions, Copt of the Trust Deed, Copy of the Promissory Note.
  3. You would then review the investor package and perform your due diligence.
  4. Once you have selected a Trust Deed for purchase, notify us and we will send you the required transfer forms.
  5. You then return the signed transfer forms with your funds. At that point, the interest begins to accrue for your loan.  You will begin receiving monthly payments for the remaining term of the loan. Our loans are serviced by an independent loan servicing company, FCI Loan Servicing, and they will continue to service the loan unless you specifically request the servicing be transferred to another servicer of your choice.

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“Investments in trust deeds secured by one or more interests in real property are subject to risk of loss”.

Additional Loan Information


  • “My wife and I were looking for an investment vehicle that quickly generated positive monthly cash flow.  We looked at a few rental properties but decided against it due to the high level of management and upkeep that real estate requires.  After talking to James at Golden Capital Group we decided to purchase a short term trust deed.  We started earning a double digit annual return the day after we wired our money.  It’s truly been a great investment decision.”

    - Jason Hatz, Trust Deed Investor

  • “I purchased a note, a first lien on a 4-plex in San Francisco through Golden Capital Group.  The process was smooth and professional.  They provided all the documents that I requested, recorded the lien and set up the direct deposit for the monthly payment.  Their portfolio is full of attractive trust deeds and I plan to continue investing with Golden Capital Group in the future.”

    - Margaret Machala, Trust Deed Investor

  • “Thanks so much for all your help with our hard money loans. You handled our paper work and so quickly and efficiently. Your tie in people were amazing. Your funding allowed us to do twice as many deals.”

    - Mike Anderson, Real Estate Investor

  • “After purchasing a fix n’ flip property, I used Golden Capital Group to quickly recoup a large portion of my initial investment.  They were very hands-on from day one and funded my loan in less than two weeks.”

    - Chad Hett, Real Estate Investor

  • “I can give my highest recommendation to Golden Capital Group. They recently closed a REO purchase loan for my client, who was an investor with a great overall profile but had a recent short sale on his credit report. They were knowledgeable, fast, efficient and very easy to work with. I will definitely call them on my next hard money transaction.”

    - James Williams, Bankers Home Funding

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