East Marshall Blvd. San Bernardino CA. 92494 (sold)

Street Address: East Marshall Blvd.
Loan Amount: $79,950.00
Purchase Price: $123,000.00
Appraised Value: $123,000.00
Loan to Value: 65%
Investor Yield: 9.0%
Property Type: SFR
Occupancy: Non Owner Occupied
Term: 40 due in 6 months
Loan Status: Funded
Trust Deed Status: sold

Contact Information:

David Golden
Office: 949.467.9288
Mobile: 949.500.1917
Email: dgolden@goldencapitalgrp.com

Trust Deed Inquiry

Property Description:

- 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom starter home on 8,855 sq.ft lot in San Bernardino, CA

– The borrower is in the process of remodeling the property with a budget of approx. $20,000

– The borrower is a very experienced real estate investor with a long track record of fix n flip homes

– Once the remodel is complete they will sell the property for a profit and payoff the loan

– Please contact Golden Capital Group for more information about this trust deed investment