Las Lunitas Ave. Tujunga, CA 91042 (sold)

Street Address: Las Lunitas Ave
Loan Amount: $227,500
Purchase Price: $350,000
Appraised Value: $350,000
Loan to Value: 65%
Investor Yield: 9.0%
Property Type: 2 Untis
Occupancy: Non Owner Occupied
Term: 40 due in 1 year
Loan Status: Funded (8-2-2013)
Trust Deed Status: Sold

Contact Information:

David Golden
Office: 949.467.9288
Mobile: 949.500.1917

Trust Deed Inquiry

Property Description:

- 2 small houses on a large 11,000+ sq.ft lot

– 2 borrowers on the loan with good credit, assets and real estate experience

– Our private fund will hold a 5% 2nd trust deed (65% 1st, 5% 2nd)

– Borrowers put down a 30% down payment

– Borrowers will rehab property then rent it out

– Once the property is fixed up and rented, they will refinance into a loan with lower rate

– Borrowers will refinance into lower rate by end of our loan term